Overseas warehouse has become a new business model of cross-border trade in the electricity suppliers, help Chinese goods to overseas, to add power to the export. FTZCOC is the most convenient logistics service, with "The Belt and Road" as well as the development of free trade zone construction, to overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese to build 200 public overseas positions, to achieve full-featured powerful global service system, the public overseas warehouse management team will provide the goods to Hong Kong customs clearance, warehousing lease, to delivery to the customer, and assist in brand display, return, procurement, knowledge production services and other ancillary services and improve trade support. Short board service by overseas Chinese enterprises, to help brand products to enter the world of convenience, suitable for light assets, suitable for more timely product shelves logistics mode, to enhance the added value of "Chinese manufacturing" products and services China output based solid robust bridge, overseas markets pricing right, brand right, right three-in-one, strengthen services to boost the brand competitiveness China Chinese promote products to the world! From the "trade big country to trade power" service!

FTZCOC cross-border e-commerce public overseas warehouse community is the practice of national strategy, attached to The Belt and Road "blueprint, to promote the construction of cross-border electricity supplier overseas public warehouse network, improve the product of new formats overseas warehousing logistics service system, at home and abroad by the chamber of Commerce, enterprises and other organizations to build a building, support and upgrade services, into the excellent" Chinese assist enterprises, brand display, exchange, purchase, production services and other supporting services trade support.

FTZCOC has set up overseas warehouse Chinese Products Exhibition Center in Africa and Europe, the exhibition mall scale of not less than 160 thousand square meters; has been set up in Czech, Holland, Ireland, France, Britain, Japan, Africa and the United States a total of 31 overseas positions, formed in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, South Africa, Africa, South America, America Japan, India, Southeast Asia as the center of the region outside the service area. Soon will be in the United States, Brazil and other countries to set up trade and Trade Center, and to join the overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese in 2018 to complete the world's 200 overseas warehouse strategy.

FTZCOC cross-border e-commerce public overseas warehouse execution units, People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce and Trade Commission to guide Internet support, provide the service trade import and export enterprises.

Guidance and support:

People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce

Central European Association

Internet Trade Commission

Chinese - European cooperation and Development Center

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